v1.2 (October 9, 2019)

Improvements and changes

  • Variable names in have been updated to better reflect their counterparts in

  • Sped up cost function calls and construction for PrepareAndMeasureOnWFSim and QAOACostFunOnWFSim. For very small systems and hamiltonians WavefunctionSimulator().expectation() is still faster, than our implementation.

  • Added an example of using QAOA to solve a simple QUBO problem.

  • Sped up tests by removing all with local_qvm() context managers. You have to manually start a qvm in the background for the tests now!

  • Added sample_qaoa_bistrings to


  • Can access FourierExtendedParams.z_rotation_angles now for hamiltonians without bias terms.

v1.0-beta (September 12, 2019)

  • Initial beta release